Farmer's Mill - 2015

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Introducing Farmer's Mill guitar pedal,
the first electric mud grinder ever made.

Since April 1st 2012

Dublin, Nashville, Berlin, Los Angeles!
We've successfully handled
Farmer's Mill orders
from world-class billboard musicians.

October 2013

Improved and expanded comes with
the original line of handcrafted Ceramic Slides.

October 2013

Premier Guitar, USA, October 2013

„Want to make your guitar sound like
your amp is broken without the carnage?“

Premier Guitar, USA, August 2012

Pure bedlam.
No matter where you stand on that particular aesthetic gesture,
for musicians that live comfortably outside convention
and willingly incorporate more chaotic sounds into their playing,
the Farmer's Mill can be a surprisingly powerful musical tool.“

Guitarist, UK, July 2012

„It’s reassuring to know that in a boutique effects world
obsessed with cloning vintage guitar tones, there are still a
few mavericks
hoping to bring something different to our ears.“

Stuff, UK and International, July 2012

„Many musical things sound best just before they are about to break - old instruments, amps, Madonna.
Following the reasoning this handmade analogue pedal sounds like a
"broken, burning guitar cable"
offering the random stuttering dropouts you'd hear if your lead was at breaking point and your amp was on fire.
But with the bonus that it's adjustable, it will keep working, and your house won't burn down.
And, oh, you might sound like Jimi Hendrix.

Rave Magazine, Australia, June-July 2012

„Guitarists looking for that ultimate destructive weapon to add to your arsenal
- your
dream may have indeed come true with the advent of Farmer's Mill.
Developed by
Crushsound, the black-and-white beast (...)
has the potential to beat the
Rowland S. Howard tribute pedal at its own game.“

Accordo, Italy, June 2012

„Forget old fuzzes, screamers and modulation effects.
A mad scientist has caught
pure chaos and put it in a huge white box,
just a switch away from your guitar: 
you won't come back from visiting Farmer's Mill.

Music Radar, UK and International, April 2012

„Perhaps the idea sounds silly on paper,
but whether it's
Dave Davies slashing a speaker cone with a razorblade
Jack White soloing white knuckle into a heavily gated fuzztone,
history of rock 'n' roll guitar is peppered with moments
when a
primal racket has been exhilarating and nothing short of vital.“

On April 1st 2012 Crushsound released the unique guitar stompbox called Farmer’s Mill.

The sound crushing pedal received many positive reviews in the leading guitar magazines
including Guitarist and Premier Guitar.

Farmer’s Mill was originated by and developed under strict direction of J. Lewandowski,
architect of Le 2 Workshop most known for his House On The Water project
numerously published
worldwide by titles such as Forbes and Newsweek.

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