Automobile manufacturing

NSK since 1916, the oldest Japanese ball bearings on the market, horizons expand, continue to contribute to the development of various industries. In particular, NSK focuses on early to enter the field of automobile parts, focusing on the performance and quality of the products, and the automotive industry common development so far. Now, NSK is to support the automotive three elements namely "driving, steering, stop," a variety of products for expansion, so that other companies can not compete with my peers.
From a variety of bearings to the automatic transmission parts, steering couplings, even with 21st century technology shift that is closely related to the electric power steering by wire steering system (EPS), etc., NSK products, auto parts as an international brand , loved by users around the world.
In addition, NSK continuously improve the integration in terms of temper rolling bearing technology of tribology (friction and control technology) and mechatronics technology from the "Operation and Control," the technical level, on a global scale, to quickly respond to a wide range of customer needs.
Cars equipped with a variety of NSK products, can be described as having a "suppression friction, reduce energy consumption," and other functions and features, and its own energy-saving and resource saving can contribute to environmentally friendly products. NSK With the new technology, the future will continue to introduce more environmentally friendly products, and can make cars more "peace of mind, safety, comfort" products.
NSK performance and innovative technology
Semi Toroidal CVT
Use 100-150 more bearing on each car. NSK with make cars safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly kinds of bearings.
Products include, compact and lightweight, ultra-high-durability wheel hub bearing units; engine support evolving, the use of advanced technology, pump bearings, tensioner bearings and other engine-related parts bearing; can shift more smooth, soft and various low-loss transmission bearings, and the like. In particular, the semi-circular CVT POWERTOROS unit, NSK is hailed as the highest technical tribology technology crystallization best continuously variable transmission, the product not only allows the car to complete smoother shifting through the quiet continuously variable transmission, and let the car realized for energy saving, reduction of carbon dioxide contribute to high efficiency.
In addition, NSK also available for the customer's business contributed to a variety of other products.