Electric machinery

Motor used in all industries as a power source. NSK bearings are widely used in the rotating part of the motor, and its support for smooth and quiet rotation at the same time, but also play a significant role in bearing the load of the motor.
In the electric power source development, in order to meet from environmental protection to low energy loss of more stringent requirements and can achieve high reliability, long life, NSK has introduced application of the core technology of NSK that tribological technology of high bearing. Low energy loss technology and long life technology, is to contribute to the protection of the earth's environment, we will also grasp these technologies as the future of the most important mission of NSK, continue to promote related work.
The company since its inception in 1916, has a deep groove ball bearing NSK as the main products to carry out extensive sales work. In particular, the bearing is motor will be used for parts, NSK Bearings addition to reduce the shaft rotation is generated friction loss, still to realize mute motor performance requirements of the parts precision machining, grease, new materials and other fields to a high standard, effectively with the core technology of NSK. Through long experience you have about a deep groove ball bearing, NSK will continue to function bearing the height of the development effort, and continuously meet the demand of the market and the times.