Excavating machinery

To meet the requirements of the final orbit planetary transmission
Final orbit planetary transmission in the harsh environment of the work, are often subjected to impact loads and various impact force. In addition to these conditions, manufacturers need to reliable transmission solutions, has high power density, under the abrasion load has strong sealing performance and cost benefits of modularity.
To meet all the requirements, the kedin final orbit solution consists of one of the following three components:
Thin tapered roller bearing
Thin angular contact bearing
Combination of hub device with integrated gear and mechanical face seal
Thin section bearings are beneficial to the design space and cost savings, while the gear wheel hub unit to help ensure high efficiency. Mechanical face seal to provide the best price. Kedin final orbit solution is applied to the excavator in the giant mine shovel, allowing the original equipment manufacturers to develop a more rigid design. Stronger load and seal capacity for end users to save energy and reduce downtime.