Gear unit

Application of gear device industry is very wide. Using the gear device, the small rotation force (torque) can be enlarged, but also the speed of the rotating speed. For example, known as the heart of a wind power growth components, automobile transmission (transmission), and ferris wheel reducer, and other power transmission device is the gear device, is essential to many industrial objects. NSK by providing support can be described as the most important element of the gear device is the "rotation" of the bearings, which also supports the whole world.
In case the gear device is damaged, it will give the user a lot of negative effects, therefore, the bearing needs to have a very high reliability. NSK is committed to the pursuit of the best design and improve production quality, in order to reduce the maintenance cost of the user, to provide a variety of long life, high load capacity, high reliability of the bearing.
In the future, NSK will continue to play its comprehensive ability, pay attention to environmental issues, and strive to develop a more smooth transmission, can be more long-term praised the new generation of gear device special bearing.
Performance and innovative technology of NSK
Special bearings for gear unit, the requirements of low noise, low vibration, low heat, light weight, high rigidity, long life and other properties. NSK in saving energy, maintenance cost, small volume, lightweight, high reliability of all can satisfy the customer, the use of in the world that Howe's development and design capabilities, technical materials, tribology technology, manufacturing technology, such as all aspects of experience, the development of "NSKHPS aligning rolling bearing sub" and with high rigid retaining frame "cylindrical roller bearings EM / EW series". This not only achieve the bearing of an unprecedented long life and high limit speed, but also to achieve miniaturization. The use of NSK bearing customers, will be the most sophisticated technology experience.