Injection molding machine

For the production of high precision plastic products, injection molding machine in the direction of the development of electric. Electric injection molding machine than the previous hydraulic injection molding machine more environmentally friendly and more energy saving, in today's environmental protection era, the demand has been increased.
With this kind of electric power, the parts are expected to remain high reliability in an unprecedented harsh operating conditions. NSK high load capacity of the product, is the mechanical drive part (injection axis, the axis of the mold, the top out of the shaft, the extrusion shaft, can be used as a plastic part) important parts.
Injection molding machine with NSK products also include, by optimizing the cycle loop configuration the ball diameter reaches limit and high load special ball groove design measures, greatly improves the resistance load performance of "high load drive special ball screw bar", and support with high load drive special ball screw of ball diameter, to achieve a high load bearing capacity of "thrust angular contact ball bearing" and has high load bearing capacity, high stiffness and environment-friendly NSK cutting-edge technology products "roller guide".
As the world's only full set of development and provide a comprehensive mechanical components manufacturers, NSK is committed to contribute to the future development of the injection molding machine.
Performance and innovative technology of NSK
Grease sealing type high speed, high load special ball screw A1 series
In the course of the mechanical and electrical dynamic process of injection molding, NSK introduced in 1996 greatly increased the rated load and maximum allowable load of high load drive special ball screw HTF series". And in 2000, launched HTF series support thrust angular contact ball bearings. This series is to realize the high speed of roller bearings used initially improved, at the same time, but also improve the bearing assembly. In 2013, NSK's latest TAC03 series began to invest in the market. According to the above, the updating of the roller bearing to the angular contact ball bearing is carried out.
Under the situation in environmental protection have become increasingly demanding, NSK in 2007 launched "grease sealing type high speed, high load special ball screw rod A1 series", to further improve the environment and reduce lubricant usage to contribute.