Medical equipment

With the global market for medical devices continues to expand, in 2014 the global market sales of medical devices about 30 yen.
Medical devices generally can be divided into therapeutic equipment (surgical knife, medical catheter, pacemaker, contact lenses, etc.) and diagnostic equipment (X ray CT device, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, MRI, etc.) two categories.
Among them, in order to strengthen the care of patients, X ray CT device, ultrasonic diagnostic device, MRI and other image diagnostic medical system technology is constantly improving.
With the development of high speed and high precision diagnostic instruments, the high speed, high precision, high rigidity, low vibration, low noise and no maintenance of the bearing and the linear products are put forward.
NSK's achievements and innovative technologies
Half Toroidal CVT
In the image diagnosis system, for the manned mobile devices, not only to ensure the safety, but also requires low vibration, low noise.
Compared to the previous product, the NSK NH NS series linear guide it achieves low vibration and low noise. And, through the load capacity of the device to enhance the miniaturization, lightweight made a contribution.