Metallurgical equipment

There are many kinds of metallurgical equipment, not only the equipment needed for raw materials, but also the equipment needed for the process of steel making, steel rolling, leveling and so on. These devices are equipped with a variety of bearings. These bearings are used in metallurgical equipment is peculiar "iron", "water" and "hot" under the condition, but also to meet the "heavy load + vibration shock", "from the super low speed to high-speed + quick acceleration and deceleration" conditions of use, in its holdings of very harsh conditions using.
"Stable operation and improve production efficiency", it can be said in the field of metallurgical equipment is a representative of the industry proposition. NSK this proposition as a goal to make the contribution, not only in terms of the height of the bearing design technology, from bearing material technology, lubrication technology, analytical technology within a variety of angles and development every day to corresponding measures and research. To this end, NSK has long been committed to solve the bearing long life and high reliability, this is an eternal topic.
NSK has a variety of metallurgical equipment required for the bearing, a strong product lineup, including the ISO specifications from the standard bearing to the development of a variety of products, such as high functional bearings. In addition, we also address the recent metallurgical industry for high value-added products and environmentally friendly products, the need to take appropriate measures to provide new solutions.
Performance and innovative technology of NSK
Water-TF bearing
Will the heating plate with a bar rolling thin rolling process, in dynamic metallurgical equipment used is a representative process and is also a on the final product quality influence is the most important process. The two ends of the main roller, the main use of four row tapered roller bearings. Bearing conditions of use, in metallurgical equipment also has a representative, not only need heavy load, but also in the cooling water and foreign matter (iron powder) erosion under the harsh conditions of use.
NSK from a very early start, has been committed to the four row tapered roller bearings, the long life R & D. In the last century, in 70s, the world took the lead in developing a "sealed type four row tapered roller bearing" with the prevention of water and foreign matter intrusion. After, and launch the seal type bearing with special grease, in the 90s of the last century, but also improve the internal design of the bearing, greatly enhance the rated load, and the development of oxidation resistant iron strong ability of new materials. In recent years, also developed resistance to foreign bodies (iron) new material and the cooling water and the.
In the future, NSK will continue to be popular with customers like and trust of enterprises as the goal, and customers work together to move forward.