Although according to the different models and structural differences, but generally have 20 to 30 on each motorcycle bearing. These bearings for driving an engine, a transmission device, a wheel and support an important rotating part, undertakes to reduce friction, promote the power of the engine and is transmitted to the wheels.
Therefore, the performance of the motorcycle bearing is required to achieve smooth rotation through low friction and low vibration, but also to ensure durability and so on. These properties affect our life and fuel consumption and safety is closely related to the. NSK always pay attention to these details, for people to improve the quality of life and the protection of the earth environment, and strive to develop and design the best work.
As the world's use of a wide range of mobile means and appeared in a variety of places in the motorcycle, always rely on the bearing to rotate. These turns, so that the engine can be transmitted to the rider to feel comfortable driving force, but also to make the car a strong smooth running. All this, there is the NSK technology as the backing of the NSK bearing credit. For the motorcycle to the world the rider brings the always want the mood pleasant driving, good operation and comfortable riding feeling and safe and reliable operation, NSK positive contribution on its own strength, the smooth rotation of the bearing can pursuit for users to smoothly and low loss of future conscientious.
Bearings for motorcycle engines and speed changing devices are used in the condition of high temperature, high speed rotating and under great impact load in the foreign body environment. In addition, the wheel bearings, must be suitable for the use of vehicles in various terrain and uses, so, the water, mud, etc.. NSK has the long-term durability of materials and heat treatment technology can meet these requirements, and can realize the high rigidity of the bearing internal standard optimization technology, to the vast number of users with a variety of high sealing bearing.
In addition, due to the small space of the motorcycle installation parts, NSK for the user to prepare a variety of products can meet the space requirements of the load and speed. And, in regard to the operation of product development, we are also actively involved in power.
NSK in order to provide users with the best products, will reduce friction and vibration, small lightweight, long life as an important research and development issues, and strive to thoroughly study.