Office Equipment

NSK long time, in support of copiers, printers, banking terminals, distribution and transportation equipment, ATM machines and other office equipment related equipment cutting-edge technology bearings and bearing components, performance quite good.
Sophistication to meet the requirements of customers, and the corresponding cutting-edge technology, environmental protection and energy-saving technologies, NSK use its own materials technology, lubrication technology and precision molding technology, and constantly enrich the related product lineup.
In particular, the financial device to have high reliability, bearing products used to improve the reliability of the equipment silently make a significant contribution.
NSK performance and innovative technology
Office equipment bearings
Enemy of office equipment is "live", as the measures adopted encapsulates the conductive grease mixed conductive substance in the conductive bearing grease, but as time goes on, the conductivity of fear gradually deteriorated, and therefore, the requirements for some of the high reliability, the need to install mechanical grounding device consists of a leaf spring and brushes.
NSK effective use of their strengths, to develop its own grease technology, introduced as compared with conventional products greatly improve the life of the conductive "ground free bearings", not only to achieve long-life products, but also due to the installation of machinery are exempt grounding means for the simplification and miniaturization of devices contribute.