Port machinery

Container port
In an unprecedented form to mobilize the crane
Severe pollution, salt dust and high humidity. Port cranes are usually subjected to corrosive operating conditions, which is a challenge for the service life.
Today, the market conditions force the port operators to rise to a new level of equipment. Due to the rapid unloading of cargo and the pressure of the ship owner to save time and cost of the port, the commercial operation of an unprecedented rapid transport of full (or may be too full) container. Load increase and handling time reduced, so that the crane engineer to seek ways to design a strong low maintenance or maintenance free performance solutions.
Kedin to meet your needs
Stacked in the port of the container
Kedin provides rotation, lubrication and maintenance and enhancement solutions for key crane applications:
Transmission case
Lifting machine
Walking wheel and pulley
We help crane manufacturers and operators to implement cost-effective solutions to support crane safety, reliability, productivity, energy efficiency and sustainability. Solution includes a variety of bearings, lubrication systems and lubricants, as well as integrated state monitoring services.