Today, the rapid development of science and technology, the printing press industry is also engaged in revolutionary leap. People sheetfed offset printing plate and reel plate offset the increasingly high demands. Many printing companies purchased the import of advanced printing presses. Imported printing presses depending on design requirements and performance as a key member rotatably supported on a bearing shaft provoked shoulder presses, imported printing presses using a large number of imported bearings. Bearings can support the machine can also be used to fix the shaft, also affect the transmission. Previously, bearings such as cylindrical roller bearings or roller bearings are integrated in a common bearing sleeve. Then precisely mounted to the side wall of the rack unit, which is a demanding operation printer maintenance is an important part. In the high-speed operation and low cost conditions required to achieve high efficiency and high print quality requirements, due to the high precision bearings and roller bearing structure press complex, such bearings has been monopolized by foreign well-known manufacturers. Bearing kedin been committed to improve the life of the printer, high-quality, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, the economy, so please correct purchase and use of imported kedin provide you with bearings.