Reducer bearing role, there are many types of gear bearing, commonly used rolling bearings and cylindrical roller bearings more. Reducer bearing series there are many, such as SKF Bearings, FAG Bearing, NSK bearings, NTN bearings TIMKEN bearings and other series.

Reducer bearing aspect of the role is to keep bearings internal gear oil will not be lost in use, keep the bearings in lubrication, on the other hand to protect the harmful dust or gas bearing outside does not enter the bearing cavity to prevent against bearing damage. Bearing reducer can play in supporting the rotation of the gear shaft or linkage between the role.

In addition, the reducer models of different sizes, using different models bearing. Reducer is a transmission mechanism, which requires transmitting torque through the shaft and the bearing to the working machine. So how transmission efficiency and quality is directly related with the bearing system, the bearing sliding quality of life and will affect the overall quality and performance gear.