The road construction machinery

The rapid development of the highway has played an important role in promoting the economic development of the country, and the transportation is still the key point of the national economy development. In the rapid development of highway construction, how to deal with the relationship between development and environmental protection, the realization of the sustainable development of the highway is an important technology in front of. The improvement degree of highway engineering directly influences the economic development of the region. Road construction machinery is the highway engineering is an important construction equipment, its ability to rational use in relation to the highway engineering quality and benefit. Strengthen road construction machinery use and repair and maintenance work of the research is the key to ensure the quality and efficiency of highway engineering, kedin of highway engineering construction road machinery were discussed in detail for the road construction machinery has been a major use, kedin will you greatly reduce construction cost, shorten the construction period, improve the overall structural strength, saving resources and energy, play a role in environmental protection.