Vibration sieve

High cost of vibration and pollution
In addition to frequent contact with the components and abrasive dust, the vibration screen also need to withstand high vibration and heavy load. Many operators make frequent component failures simply as business costs.
If the vibrating screen is catastrophic failure, damage to the shaft and other parts will result in maintenance, downtime, and cost. For equipment manufacturers, this is related to the quality assurance and customer relationship issues.
SKF Explorer Explorer spherical roller bearings - VA405 & VA406
Specially designed for vibrating screen
For the inherent eccentric motion of the equipment, such as vibration sieve, require a highly reliable bearing design and materials to give full play to the potential of its entire life cycle. SKF Explorer "Explorer" spherical roller bearings VA405 or VA406 help in several aspects of the maximally extended the service life of the bearing vibration sieve.
Withstand vibration level 5g
The vibration level < 5g, standard SKF Explorer Explorer spherical roller bearings have been proved to be effective. The vibration level 5 g VA405 or VA406 SKF Explorer Explorer spherical roller bearings can deal with more than. They can bear higher accelerations than the corresponding standard bearings.
VA405 or VA406 SKF Explorer "Explorer" spherical roller bearings and all other SKF Explorer "Explorer" bearing, but also has improved the internal geometry and manufacturing procedures, which are helpful to greatly prolong the service life of the bearing.
Three solid cage system, radial internal clearance greater with these bearings, as well as higher dimensional accuracy. In addition, there PTFE coating on VA406 bearing, which virtually eliminates the creep corrosion on the shaft. VA405 and 406 bearings operate at lower operating temperatures than conventional bearings, which helps to prolong the service life of the lubricant.
Prolong the service life of bearing
Reduce unplanned downtime
Reduce maintenance
Higher reliability of equipment
Improve production efficiency
SKF Explorer "Explorer" series of performance rating upgrade
All SKF spherical roller bearings has been upgraded to a new SKF seeker performance grade specifications. Its characteristics are high quality steel and heat treatment technology to improve the binding. Results: the excellent balance of hardness and toughness, thereby prolonging the service life is two times of the original SKF Explorer series. Advantages include:
Increase running time
Improve reliability
Anti pollution
Increase productivity level
Reduce noise and vibration levels