Pumps used in petrochemical, paper, irrigation, food and other industries in the world. Moreover, the compressor is also widely used in plant equipment, construction and civil engineering of the gas source, family and business with air conditioners, refrigerators, frozen storage and other uses. Therefore, pump and compressor can be described as an indispensable industrial device. NSK provides the most important elements of these devices, namely the "rotation" section of the desired bearing, through the main device to support all the industrial areas.
Pump and compressor requirements, environmental protection, high reliability, energy saving and cost saving. NSK is committed to the pursuit of the best design and improve production quality, provide a variety of long life, high bearing capacity, high reliability bearing products in environmental protection, energy saving and reduce maintenance costs.
NSK in the future will still focus on their comprehensive ability, attention to environmental issues, the introduction of more energy-efficient products. In addition, efforts to develop a long-term well received by the new generation of pump and compressor bearings.
Special bearings for the pump, the requirements of low heat, long life, resistance to a variety of conditions, low noise, low vibration and other performance. NSK in saving energy, maintenance cost, small in size and light in weight, high reliability of all can satisfy the customer, the use of in the world that Howe's development and design capabilities, technical materials, tribology technology, manufacturing technology, such as all aspects of experience, the development of compressor special oil resistance, excellent chemical stability ELCOMP, and can contribute to improve the reliability of the pump high performance angle contact ball bearings and double row angular contact ball bearings. This not only to achieve a long life and high reliability, but also to achieve miniaturization. We firmly believe that through the use of NSK products, customers can experience the most cutting-edge technology.