wind energy

Improving the reliability and productivity of wind energy
In order to maximize the energy output of wind power equipment and reduce the total operating cost, the reliability and efficiency of the generator must be improved. To this end, SKF development of a series of guiding principles for the entire industry, the wind generator, its subsystems and components of the engineering design, manufacturing and quality assurance process to provide help.
The standard bearer of the new standard of the industry
In the process of developing these wind energy standards, the performance specification of SKF has been applied to other quality sensitive industries, including automotive industry and aerospace industry. In many cases, to develop and embed these standards, SKF first.
Consistent component quality
SKF wind energy industry quality standards, based on the automotive industry standards and to meet the needs of wind energy industry, designed to control the quality of the entire value chain parts. SKF of this new standard defines the manufacturing and engineering design process control standards to ensure that the bearing and other key components of the public standards and traceability.