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Auto bearing industrial added value highlights the importance of bearing

Demand has been a lot of auto bearing. Along with the technological progress and the demand for auto bearing, have LiangSanGu annual sales revenue in the world bearing industry's top ten international bearing enterprises. 

Automobile bearing industry adhering to the "specialized, refined, special, new", the development also is faster. 

The development of car industry constantly drive bearing industry innovation and development of some powerful large enterprises set up the experiment center and research center, national engineering technology research center or the national engineering research center and enterprise technology centers recognized by the country appeared. 

Our country also got some breakthrough in bearing base. The innovation of the bearing also made some achievements. Auto bearing standard system can reach the international level, has a certain status in the world. Have a core technology will be able to get some property. 

Both design and manufacturing, are connected with the bearing industry. The development of auto bearing is to meet the needs of people. 

Advances implementation with the depth of the "two", "auto bearing the Internet" action, realize the digital production equipment, manufacturing process is also more complex, enterprise management modernization progress is good. 

Can be used to great breakthrough in the high-end products. Used in the bearing can be used again