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Bearing fatigue much because you don't pay attention to these

In general, outer raceway: symmetrical positions around the bearing or cooperate with the roundness error. 

How to solve: improve bearing inner hole diameter of the form tolerance, pay attention to the relevant part of the structure. At the edge of the raceway oblique or end position. Various causes of tilting moment, the inside of the bearing pressure distribution, the pressure is too concentrated, lead to bearing problems. 

How to prevent this problem happen? Improve the concentricity, improve the hardness of bearing material, improve the verticality and form on the surface of the assembly tolerance. 

What reason is caused? When installing the direct impact pressure and by bearing the development of the micro wear caused by resting. 

How to solve: pay attention to the installation methods, reduce the vibration. Imported bearing inspection and acceptance of prone to error and solution 

Scroll to unilateral direction or double row bearings on a roll. 

What causes: the axial pressure is too great. Axial did not have enough quantity of mobile, axial additional axial pressure produced by the thermal deformation or assembly surface shape tolerance is too big, uneven bearing internal stress. How to solve: increase the amount of swimming swimming bearing. 

Early material peeling: what reason is caused? Gap is too small, too much pressure or the mating surface interference quantity is too large, seal if is bad, will have therefore impurities to enter. 

How to solve: to improve stress conditions, improve the accuracy of interference and the sealing 

The radial local peeling off. 

What causes: radial clearance is too large, raceway circumferential direction stress area is too small 

Increase with the decrease of radial clearance and how to solve: raceway stress area of the circumferential direction. Heat pump cooling method