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What is heat treatment equipment of bearing

Annealing equipment 

At present our country is oxidation furnace annealing equipment and protective atmosphere furnace coexist, oxidation furnace than protective atmosphere furnace. The United States, Britain, Japan and other countries in the early sixties and seventies of the 20th century has comprehensive promotion push rod type and roll type isothermal spheroidizing annealing furnace, shorten annealing cycle, save energy, and improve the quality of the annealing. Blank parts machining accuracy is higher and higher, which brings the need for protective atmosphere annealing. Bearing industry should quickly promoting protective atmosphere spheroidizing annealing, to reduce after annealing oxidation decarburization, improve processing efficiency, saving material and energy saving, reduce the cost. 

There are conventional martensitic hardening of tooling equipment 

Bearing industry in our country at present stage regular martensite quenching equipment is uneven, can be divided into unprotected from the protective medium medium oxidation furnace, controlled atmosphere furnace and vacuum furnace. The influence factors of roller bearing life 

Bainite isothermal quenching equipment 

Generally set according to the bearing grinding process, the equipment is mainly used by two broad categories: automatic production line and cycle of furnace. Imported bearing inspection and acceptance of prone to error and solution 

(1) automatic production line of small variety, large batch of bearing is suitable for automatic production, such as the production more use of railway bearing automatic production line. This kind of equipment automation degree is high, but large investment. 

(2) cycle type isothermal quenching equipment for rolling mill bearing due to many varieties, small batch, many small and medium-sized rolling mill bearings manufacturers using box-type furnace or pit type furnace + + + isothermal quenching cooling groove groove cleaning trough, also there are more than using box-type furnace + isothermal bath. The configuration of less investment, high applicability, but the intensity of labor is big, poor safety. At present, the bainite isothermal quenching at promoting alternative to bainite isothermal quenching carburizing steel used on smaller mill load bearing has been successfully applied in our country.


To protect and control atmosphere 

With the improvement of surface quality of workpieces after quenching, protection becomes more and more popular (controlled) atmosphere heating, heat treatment, including annealing, adopt protection atmosphere heating (or controlled). In the 1970 s, mainly USES the endothermic atmosphere. Endothermic atmosphere is the raw material of gas and air mixed gas part under the action of catalyst, reaction to form a containing the & # 981; (CO) 18% ~ 23%, & # 981; (H2) 37% ~ 42%, allowance for the protection of N2 atmosphere, this atmosphere and application in the field of bearing heat treatment in our country.