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The reason is the high cost of Chinese bearing industry recession

Last summer, the Boston consulting group released the world economy's biggest manufacturing cost analysis of quantitative index of the 25 countries. 

Let us look like this: the first group is in France, Germany, Switzerland, the manufacturing cost index in 124 on average, 

The second group is Japan, the UK, the cost of manufacturing index is 111. 

The third group is the United States, China, South Korea, and Taiwan, China, the manufacturing cost index, the average is 99. 

The fourth group is Thailand, India, Indonesia, on average, 88. The influence factors of roller bearing life 

Note that China's manufacturing costs and the United States, South Korea and China Taiwan unexpectedly is the same. Our far as these regions with national economic development, our products is mainly to mid-range, costs have like them! 

Boston consulting company will artificial wages, labor productivity, energy costs and exchange rate, the whole into a packet, China is 96, Taiwan is 97, 100 in the United States, South Korea is 102, are in the same range, so we Chinese manufacturing costs is the real reason for our manufacturing recession, I'm afraid. 

Then, the economic information daily, disclosure of information display, published by the American chamber of commerce of China business environment, according to the survey before 2014, many U.S. investors are willing to invest here, but in 2014 the proportion was only 20%. 

And the European Union chamber of commerce in China survey, two-thirds of European companies believe that their business in China is more and more difficult, and half of the companies that invest in China's golden age is over. 

As a result, Japan's Canon, sharp, panasonic, Japan dajin, Honda, citizen, uniqlo, American general motors, ford, caterpillar, dow chemical, etc., many companies will address migration in southeast Asia.


In China most of the products is given priority to with mid-range, no conditions for scientific research and development, manufacturing costs and a level of developed countries, it is no wonder that two years ago, China's manufacturing industry has started to decline. Heat pump cooling method 

At present the government to take through tax cuts to reduce fees to reduce the enterprise cost, reduce the examination and approval, and so on to reduce the enterprise cost to change the situation, but it is not enough, but must be more forceful measures, continue to massive tax cuts, greatly reduced cost, help enterprise to resolve other factors hindering the research on the cost reduction, and can solve the problem.