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Started to regional differences apparent bearing development in our country

From the point of view of regional variations in our bearing, bearing in our country the development of the regional characteristic is more and more obvious. Regional obviously also reflects the imbalance of the development of the bearing market in China. Such as some early industrial enterprises in our country, bearing the market development is also cause the regional difference is very apparent. How to look from the bearing number bearing classification 

Under the change of national policies, the bearing market innovation ability more and more strong, enterprise own development more and more good, bearing in the process of development of our country faced with the problem of outdated technology still has no substantial change, and in specific industry under the guidance of development goals and priorities, hope to be able to better make bearings, bearing power of the biggest problems is to change the foreign monopoly high-end bearing situation. Imported bearing inspection and acceptance of prone to error and solution 

Bearing industry development in our country until now, there has been a more perfect industry base. Time is short, the development of bearing market in China started relatively behind many developed countries. As a modern industrial production indispensable important equipment, bearing the market has become a national important strategic equipment, its technology level can reflect a country's comprehensive national strength, the technology is still in the hands of the developed countries. And our country to invest in bearing industry and attention is not enough. 

, head of the relevant government departments should support the development of the bearing industry, many development ways to widen the enterprise development space, make enterprise found suitable for their own development model in the common interest and reached cooperation consciousness, the bearing industry is the important technical support, the enterprise.