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Bearing technicians about vibration bearing material selection

As is known to all, asphalt mixing station linear vibrating screen is the most important is the high speed bearing vibration, under such harsh conditions, whether the climate or dust, for the test of the bearing have very big, and accompanied by a strong shock vibration, work under a lot of pressure. The bearing should have bearing capacity is strong, can withstand a lot of pressure, service life is long, lubricity function is good, can handle its deformation. There is a difference between vibrating screen bearings and plain bearing, the choice of the vibrating screen bearings is very important. 

The choice has two kinds: general bearings are of spherical roller bearings and double row cylindrical double row roller bearings; The former is a vibrating shaft with two sets of bearings, while a set of; The latter a vibrating shaft with four sets of, two. 

Why did you choose this two kinds of bearings? Choose the spherical double row roller bearing are adjustable cardiac function, but because the shaft vibration on only one side, under the condition of same diameter of axle rotational speed and radial bearing capacity of bearing is restricted, and the dimensions of amplification, result in an increase in manufacturing cost, shaft vibration shaft is connected with this scheme, the polarization block in the middle of the shaft, causing big piece parts, manufacturing difficulty is higher, vibration torque increase, etc., in order to avoid these disadvantages. How to look from the bearing number bearing classification 

From the size to consider. Vibrating screen bearings in most cases, usually based on its design selects the diameter of axle load. Usually, the basic load rating are showed in the dimension table, can draw lessons from, but on the vibrating screen bearing on bearing load, the nature, size, direction is changeable. 

Vibrating screen bearings for material requirement is high, useless at ordinary material, inside and outside the circle and using vacuum degassed bearing steel roller, fatigue resistance performance is good. Cage aluminum iron, manganese bronze material has many advantages. Roll crusher bearing selection should pay attention to? 

After using cylindrical double row roller bearing, first of all, the manufacturing precision of the bearing is easy to ensure that the manufacturing cost is low, although the four sets of a vibrating shaft can design, part two sets, but the cost and economic; And block near the both ends of bearing vibration, vibration torque is small, and the vibration shaft section design and manufacture, shaft coupling, a single parts size is small, the overall performance is good, the manufacturing cost is low, the requirement of material also drops, and room is big, on the selection of bearing under the condition of the same shape of safety factor can enlarge appropriately, can use up more economical and practical, when maintenance will be easier. 

Special bearings vibration chose good optimization measures: roller diameter, the length of the scroll. Cage by the outer rim guide roller, reduce the forces for roller. The inner ring guard guide roller, roller to improve operation. When the bearing rolling element and raceway contact pressure, will produce elastic deformation, should use genetic algorithm to optimize the internal geometry. Using the vibration of the bearing using effect to achieve low noise, there are a lot of advantages.