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The domestic bearing industry market development needs to be balanced

From the point of bearing development in our country, regional characteristics of bearing market development in our country is very obvious. Regional obviously also reflects the imbalance of the development of the bearing market in China. How to look from the bearing number bearing classification 

As some of the old industrial production base in our country, bearing the market development of the relative development is very slow. Hope to be able to clear the developing direction of the bearing, the system to promote the development of bearing industry, hoping to become bearing power by bearing superpower. 

, head of the relevant government departments should support the development of the bearing industry, enterprise development based on the actual needs, let the enterprise found suitable for their own development model in the common interest and reached cooperation consciousness, the resultant force do bearing industry scale is big, the enterprise. How to maintenance and maintenance of gear and rolling bearing 

Bearing industry development in our country until now, there has been a more perfect industry base. Time is short, the development of bearing market in China started relatively behind many developed countries. As a modern industrial production indispensable important equipment, bearing the market has become a national important strategic equipment, industrial development in general is a national symbol of technology development. In the past, our country is not independent production bearing market are high price products imported from abroad, the technology is still in the hands of the developed countries. 

Bearing factory store experts in this area, puts forward some Suggestions to deal with, with good practice some basic conditions, build good government support platform, promote industry development steadily; Face to face with the current problems and difficulties existing in the bearing industry development, common to solve the problem such as financing, sales, logistics, can buy more personnel exchanges with the industry, pursuit. Must have the plan targeted the introduction of powerful enterprises, by large companies to run a small business development, the bearing industry bigger and stronger. Bearing rust, two ways to prevent in advance