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China's bearing industry to drive abrasive must be rapid development

In bearing industry, on the development of economy, the relevant state departments to pay attention to and support of mold industry, abrasive industry was increasing and the technology to go into production. Make the mould industry of zhejiang province gets more agile, abrasive developments soon. 

The grinding of high performance bearing production requirement. But for domestic mould must be in terms of quality, delivery time satisfied the needs of its users. The development of grinding tool enables bearing is good enough to face all aspects of mechanical industry demand. World bearing production will peak in 2015. 

International shopping mall: over the years, a lot of European and American countries labor rates began to rise, many European and American brands began to some countries shift to Asia, especially China. Only domestic mould quality can be improved, can ensure the delivery date, mold export's vision is very philosophical. So China's export prospects are good. China only a small portion of exports. Fracture analysis of the causes of the bearing.