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Bearing industry cluster shakeout lead to industry began to integrate resources

Show, at the end of the domestic bearing industry insiders, wafangdian, shandong and jiangsu and zhejiang industry cluster has started to change. Shandong responsible for low-end market; Jiangsu specializing in small bearings in the market, professional did a good job. While wazhou begins with a representative of wafangdian bearing industrial clusters attaches great importance to the technological development. Water pump bearing dismantling pay attention to the problem. 

Relevant personnel, not only is the technology improvement, the next step wazhou and action in terms of discrete procurement and sales. Research center of powers, wazhou group will be divided group procurement business, bearing steel supermarket already met. 

Bearing industry has a lot of big companies, wazhou group will make use of this resource advantage, build platform, absorb wafangdian three to five larger bearing enterprises, establishment of bearing steel supermarket. The firms of bearing steel procurement tied together, purchase quantity is larger, more stable, based on this chip, and steel package. According to the types of steel procurement, specification, "I give you plan, you give me the cloth goods, there is demand for settlement, like a supermarket." Fracture analysis of the causes of the bearing. 

Although before the customer purchase quantity is not much, not enough of a batch of steel furnace conditions, wafangdian surrounding small businesses to the steel mill order, have to wait for a period of time. Supermarket set up later, will greatly shorten the receiving period; Purchase prices down, businesses also use high-quality steel, improve the products and reputation; At the same time also will promote collaboration within a cluster, form the industrial chain; Rely on the special railway line of wazhou group and venues, and solves the logistics, warehousing. According to introducing, this idea is supported by five big steel mills and the municipal government, which is in advance now. 

Some industry insiders think of the last century stripping enterprises do society is to reduce, the stripping of producer services is to increase efficiency, around the enterprise competitiveness, also many powerful companies in the country in transition.