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Technology improve high-speed driving the development of machinery industry

Railway freight general is given priority to with overloading and load capacity. At present, the railway wagon generally used 23 tons of axle load. In recent years, in order to speed up the development of overload transportation, railway departments through independent innovation, successfully developed 25 tons of axle load overloaded railway technology, and successfully use such overloaded Yu Daqin railway lines. Heat pump cooling method. 

On this basis, combining with the implementation of central and southern shanxi new railway projects, the railway sector to carry out the comprehensive development of 30 tons of axle load heavy rail technology, was developed for the first time 30 tons of axle load of locomotive, 30 tons of axle load truck and electric control air braking system; In phase of power supply technology and energy-saving has made great technology improve the traction transformer; For the first time, the development and application of 30 tons of heavy axle load of railway track structure, overloading technology in China has made great breakthrough. According to analysis by the world bank, the European high-speed rail construction costs in the 1.5-240 million yuan/km, California high-speed rail construction costs about 470 million yuan/km, in world average 200 million yuan/km. 

After test, involving public works projects, locomotive vehicle, traction power supply, communication signals, overloading transportation, vibration noise, 20 professional direction, a total of six system 77 pilot project, system verified the applicability of the various functions. 

In recent years, high-speed rail is developing rapidly. The development of high-speed rail traffic and brings a lot of convenience. At present, China's high-speed rail construction cost is relatively low. Up to now, has completed test mileage of 100000 kilometers. After test, will be opened to traffic for our country 30 tons of overloaded railway axle to lay a solid foundation, will also further enhance the level of overloaded railway technology innovation in our country, form with independent intellectual property rights of 30 tons of axle load heavy rail technology system. How to maintenance and maintenance of bearings. 

In order to strengthen the technical ability, cooperation with overseas companies in China, developed a series of products. High-speed trains, key technology, at present the car has been basically achieve full localization, localization rate of around 90%, now China's high-speed rail has got the approval. The core component of high-speed rail has begun to be taken seriously.