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Domestic supplies company sign purchase contracts with wazhou recognition technology

With the improvement of quality of domestic bearing and the bearing technology, many state-owned enterprises willing to work with domestic industries, such as the recent oh domestic enterprise and wazhou in-depth cooperation, signed purchase order 13000 sets of bearings and the contract amount is about 30 million yuan. Is responsible for this batch of bearing is committed to the infrastructure of the company and some production equipment use. How to look from the bearing number bearing classification 

At present, with the development of the world bearing technology and the needs of the operation, many domestic enterprises have to start to reform in order to survive, otherwise they will take their state aid resources waste. Many enterprises are facing the problem. So many state-owned enterprises begin to implement technology, new product research and development, and high-end products on the market at present such ability and foreign enterprise competitive advantage. Imported bearing inspection and acceptance of prone to error and solution 

Bearing support mechanical rotator, reduce the coefficient of friction in the process of movement, and guarantee that the rotation accuracy of important parts. This batch of purchasing bearing belongs to the tapered roller bearing, are common in this type of bearings in machinery and equipment, to grasp the more strict quality.