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Water pump bearing dismantling the attention problems

Water pump bearings, besides should have general bearing requirements such as material to use bearing steel after quenching hardness, high wear resistance, long service life, bearing the quality must conform to the regulations, to ensure the normal operation of equipment. Every turn points of rotational speed can reach. Avoid water corrosion, also want to appropriate use some lubricating oil. 

When the bearing dismantling must pay attention to the problem: 

(1) the drag force should continue until the right time, screw pumps can be just the right time to stop work when installed, to ensure that the rings (washers) end rely on a hole or shaft shoulder end, neither packed too tight, nor does not reach the designated position. 

(2) power works together as much as possible through the axis of the oilless bearing, plastic pump this is symmetrical, pay attention to smooth. By spherical or parallel to the axis force application. Please pay attention to the analysis of bearing has is broken. 

(3) avoid by applying pressure roller, diaphragm pump which requires the inner ring (circle) shaft installation when applying pressure through the inner ring and outer ring with outer hard when installation. If the bearing has sound please pay attention to deal with. 

(4) applying don't suddenly to avoid impact, self-priming pump had better use hydraulic or can use stable tension or pressure tool, it had to use hammer, also want to through soft without exfoliation metals such as copper sleeve to buffer, tapping force as gently as possible. Although the rolling bearing sampling observation is the best of the year, but also must pay attention to the use and maintenance.