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Analysis of SKF bearing damage state and reason measures

Be stripped

Damage state: SKF bearing and then bear the load rotation, the inner ring, outer ring of the rolling surface or rolling decent due to rolling fatigue and presentation of fish scale peeling phenomenon.

Reason: load is too large. Installation of bad (non linear) torque load foreign body intrusion, water. Poor lubrication, lubricant not suitable SKF bearing clearance is not appropriate. SKF bearing box accuracy is not good, SKF bearing box of the rigidity of the uneven shaft deflection of large rust, erosion, abrasion and indentation (surface deformation) caused by the development of.

Measures: check the size of the load and the use of the SKF bearing to improve the installation method to improve the sealing device, stop the rust. Lubricant with appropriate viscosity, improved lubrication method. Check the accuracy of shaft and SKF bearing box. Check the clearance.


Damage state: showing a slight wear of the dark surface, dark surface from the surface to the inside of a number of small cracks deep to 5-10m, and a large range of micro off (micro stripping)

Reason: the lubricant is not suitable. Foreign body into the lubricant. Poor lubrication caused by surface roughness. The surface finish of the paired rolling parts is not good.

Measures: select the lubricant to improve the sealing device to improve the surface finish of the paired rolling parts.


Damage state: the so-called card injury is the surface damage caused by the small burn in the part of the sliding surface. Linear scar sliding surface, the circumferential direction of the rolling surface. Clamping injury of the shaft ring surface of the roller end face of the roller end face of the roller.

Reason: too heavy load, too much pressure. Bad lubrication. Foreign body bite. Inclination of the outer ring of the inner ring and the deflection of the shaft. Axis, SKF bearing box of poor accuracy.

Measure: check the size of the load. Pre pressing to be appropriate. Improved lubricant and lubrication method. Check the accuracy of shaft, SKF bearing box.


Damage state: the so-called fracture is a small part of the fault, which is due to the local part of the gear or roller angle of the roller wheel.

Reason: the installation was hit. Load is too large. Drop and other bad use.

Measures: to improve the installation method (using the hot pack, using the appropriate tool holder). Corrective loading conditions. SKF bearing installed in place, so that the retaining edge by the support.

Crack, crack

Damage state: the so-called crack is refers to the rolling wheel or the rolling element to produce the crack damage. If you continue to use, will also include the development of cracks in the cracks.

Reason: too large interference. Heavy load, impact load. Strip development. Heating and micro vibration wear due to contact between the roller and the mounting member. Heat caused by creep. Cone angle of cone. Axis of cylinder. The radius shaft step than SKF bearing chamfer caused by interference with SKF bearing chamfer.

Measures: excessive amount of surplus. Check load condition. Improved installation method. The shape of the shaft to be appropriate.


Injury status: bite the small metal powder, when the foreign body, the raceway surface generated on the surface or turn dent. The installation of impact on rolling intervals formed on the concave surface (Brinell hardness indentation).

Reasons: metal powder and other foreign matter into the. The impact load is too large to be subjected to assembly or transportation.

Measures: the impact sleeve. Improved sealing device. Filter oil. Improved assembly and method of use.

Pear peel pitting

Injury status: dark pear skin pitting in weak luster on the surface of the raceway.

Reason: a foreign body in the process of lubrication. Because of the moisture in the air and dew. Bad lubrication.

Measures: to improve the sealing device. Full filtration of lubricating oil. Use suitable lubricant.


Damage: the so-called wear due to the friction caused by raceway surface or rolling surface, the roller end, the torus axis and keep frame concave wear.

Reasons: foreign body intrusion, corrosion caused by the development of corrosion. Bad lubrication. Slippage caused by irregular movement of the rolling element.

Measures: to improve the sealing device. Clean SKF bearing box. Full filtration of lubricating oil. Check lubricant and lubrication method. Prevent non linearity.

Micro vibration wear

Damage state: the wear resulting from the contact surface of the two contact surfaces is relatively small, and the contact part of the rolling track and the rolling body is generated. Due to the occurrence of red brown and black wear powder, which is also known as micro vibration wear corrosion.

Reason: bad lubrication. Rocking motion of small amplitude. Insufficient amount of surplus.

Measure: use appropriate lubricant. Plus pre pressing. Check the amount of surplus. Apply lubricant to the mating surface

False impression

Injury status: in the micro vibration period and in the rolling body and rolling contact portion of the road wheel due to vibration and shaking caused by wear and development, tired like Brinell indentation impression.

Reason: the vibration and swing of the SKF bearing during the transportation process. Oscillating motion of small amplitude. Bad lubrication.

Measures: the transport process bite on the shaft and SKF bearing boxes to be fixed. To separate the inner and outer rings during transportation. Plus pre press to reduce vibration. Use proper lubricant.


Damage: the so-called creep is that creates a gap in the mating surfaces of the SKF bearings, in conjunction with the surface between the relative sliding, the mating surface of the creep exhibits specular bright or dark side, sometimes page with card injury wear.

Reason: excess capacity is insufficient or clearance fit. Tight fixed sets of tight enough.

Measures: check the amount of surplus, the implementation of measures to stop. Appropriate tightening set