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Anti rust method of NTN bearing reflected by abnormal sound

(1) NTN bearing a uniform and continuous hissing sound. The sound is generated by rotating the rolling body in the inner and outer circles, and comprises an irregular metal vibration sound which is independent of the rotational speed. The general performance of the bearings with fat content is not enough, should be added. If the equipment downtime for a long time, especially in the winter under the condition of low temperature, bearing operation sometimes "hissing rustling" sound, which and the radial clearance of bearing variable small, the lubricating grease cone penetration relative to smaller. Should be appropriate to adjust bearing clearance, the replacement work of cone penetration a new grease.

(2) NTN bearings in continuous "clang" sound in a uniform periodic "Ho Lo" sound. The sound is caused by the rolling body and the inner and outer ring rolling way, and the groove and the rust spot are caused. The cycle of sound is proportional to the speed of the bearing. Respond to bearing replacement.

(3) NTN bearing a discontinuous "stem" sound. The sound is caused by the rupture of the cage or inner and outer rings. Must immediately stop the replacement of bearings.

(4) NTN bearing issue is not the law, not even "Tsatsa" sound. This sound is caused by the bearing into iron, sand and other impurities. Sound intensity is small, and the speed is not linked. To deal with the bearing cleaning, to add fat or oil.

(5) NTN bearing issued a continuous and irregular "rustle" sound. The sound is generally matched with the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft of the shaft, the outer ring and the bearing hole are matched with the loose, and the sound intensity is larger. Bearing the bearing of the coordination of the inspection, found that the problem in time to repair.

(6) NTN bearing a continuous shrill whistle. The sound is due to poor lubrication of the bearing, lack of oil caused by dry friction, or scroll through the local contact too tight, such as outer roller deflection, the inner ring and the outer ring of the bearing with tight situation caused by. Should be carried out in a timely manner to identify the problem of bearing, symptomatic treatment.

1) surface cleaning: cleaning must be in accordance with the nature of the surface of the anti rust and the conditions of the time, the appropriate method. Commonly used solvent cleaning, chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning method.

2) the surface is dry cleaned after filtering of the available dry compressed air dried, or dried by the dryer was 150.4 DEG C, the clean gauze can be used to dry.

Method for coating anti rust oil

1) soak method: some small NTN bearings are soaked in anti rust grease, so that the surface adhesion of a layer of anti rust grease. Oil film thickness can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of the anti rust grease.

2) brush coating method is not applicable to soak or spray the outdoor construction equipment or special shape of the products, brush coating should not only pay attention to the accumulation, but also pay attention to prevent leakage.

3) spray some large rust not using immersion method, oiling, generally about 0.7MPa pressure filtering compressed air in the air cleaning spray. Spray method is applicable to solvent dilution type anti rust oil or thin layer anti rust oil, but must be used to improve the fire protection and labor protection measures.

NTN bearing installation is correct, affecting the accuracy, life, performance. Therefore, the design and assembly of the NTN bearing installation should be fully studied. Want to be installed in accordance with the work standards. Operating standards are usually as follows:

(1) cleaning NTN bearings and bearing related parts

(2) check the dimensions of the related parts and finish machining

(3) installation

(4) after the installation of NTN bearing inspection

(5) supply of lubricant

Hope that before the upcoming installation, just open the NTN bearing packaging. General grease lubrication, non cleaning, direct filling grease. Lubricating oil lubrication, the general does not need to clean, but the instrument with or high-speed NTN bearings, etc., to clean the oil with clean, remove the rust on the NTN bearing. Remove rust agent bearing, easy to rust, so you can not put aside. Furthermore, NTN has the lubricating grease into the bearing, not directly use cleaning.

NTN bearing installation method, due to bearing structure, coordination, conditions vary, in general, due to the rotation of the shaft, so the inner ring needs to be interference fit. Cylindrical bore bearing, press in with the press, or with hot charging method. Tapered bore, directly installed in the taper shaft, or sleeve installation.

Mounted to the casing, general clearance, the outer ring over the amount of interference, usually by a press indentation, or cooling after installation methods of shrink fit. Using dry ice as a cooling agent, shrink fit occasion, surface moisture in the air condenses on the NTN bearing. Therefore, the need for appropriate anti rust