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Deep groove ball bearing specifications

Deep groove ball bearing is a kind of the most common types of rolling bearing. The basic type of deep groove ball bearing has an outer ring, an inner ring, a steel ball and a group of cage. Deep groove ball bearing type code 6.

Deep groove ball bearings are used to withstand pure radial load, also can bear radial load and axial load. When it is only subjected to pure radial load, the contact angle is zero. When deep groove ball bearings with a larger radial clearance, with angular contact ball bearing performance, can bear large axial load. Deep groove ball bearing friction coefficient is small, the limit speed is very high, especially under the axial load a lot of high speed operation, deep groove ball bearing thrust ball bearings are more advantages than that.

Deep groove ball bearing has the advantages of simple structure, and other types of more easily than to high manufacturing precision, so easy to become series of mass production, the manufacturing cost is low, the use is very common. Deep groove ball bearings in addition to the basic type, there are a variety of variant structure, such as: deep groove ball bearings with a dust cover; with a rubber sealing ring of deep groove ball bearing; stop deep groove ball bearings; ball gap large load capacity of deep groove ball bearing is installed; double row deep groove ball bearings.

Deep groove ball bearing 1, with dust cover

Standard with a dust cover Z type of deep groove ball bearing and 2Z type two kinds, side with a dust cover is Z type and sides with a dust cover is 2Z type.

In separate lubrication is difficult, placement of lubrication and inspection is not convenient conditions for bearings with dust cover, bearing in the factory has been filled the quantitative, certain grade of antirust, lubrication and lithium grease. The fat content of each bearing is usually 1/4 ~ 1/3 of the effective space in the bearing, and can increase or decrease with the amount of fat according to the user's requirement. Injected grease can normally guarantee the bearing running under the condition of +120 ~ -40. If the user has a higher requirement for the bearing, can also be filled with other performance based on the situation, the number of grease. Bearings with dust cover after the injection of fat can be a long time and effective work, do not need to add grease in the use of.

With dust cover bearing is used for medium and small generator, motor rotor at both ends, cars, tractors, air conditioners, fans and other places, as well as bearing noise and vibration have special requirements of the occasion.

Deep groove ball bearings, 2 with sealing ring

Standard type with sealing ring of deep groove ball bearing contact type seal bearing RS type (side seal), 2RS type (two sides sealing) and non contact type sealed bearing RZ (side seal) and 2RZ type (two sides sealing).

The performance of the bearing with sealing ring, the use of grease and dust cover with the same bearing. Is different with dustproof cover bearing dustproof cover a larger gap between the inner ring and and non contact type seal ring bearing the seal between the lips and the inner ring gap is very small, contact seal ring bearing the seal there is no gap between the lip and the inner ring, good sealing effect, but the friction has increased.

Low noise requirements of the occasion, many deep groove ball bearing for smaller size 60 and 62 series. No matter the open bearing, the dust cover type or the bearing with seal ring type, the request of low noise and low vibration can be put forward when ordering. In our country JB (mechanical industry standard) in the provisions of the V1, V2, V3 vibration levels of the low, medium and high frequency bands of the vibration allowed value. In the SKF company also can provide ultra low noise bearing, the bearing marked with the rear code QE5.

3, stop groove and snap ring of deep groove ball bearing

Standard type of stopping deep groove ball bearing, rear code for N, stop groove and band stop moving ring of the bearing post code for NR, in addition and Zn, ZNR structure variant.

A dynamic slot and with a snap ring bearing except with deep groove ball bearings can bear radial load, snap ring to limit the axial displacement of the bearing, simplified bearing axial structure and axial size is reduced.

A stop slot and a stop ring bearings are used for cars, tractors and other axial load is not the work place.

1, open bearing is a bearing without any seal cover.

2, the same size of the bearings, customers can choose different materials, grades.

3, the following dimensions are in accordance with the basic dimensions of the international standard bearings, such as customers have different requirements, we can make.

4, the same bearings have different kinds of code and name, please make sure you need the size of the bearing.