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How to install and replace the INA imported bearing technology

INA bearing radial internal clearance is reduced with the advance in the axis of the cone neck bearing. By measuring the reduced value, it can be determined that the degree of interference and the degree of tightness. For tapered bore bearings, the inner ring is fitted with interference fit. Unlike bearings with a cylindrical bore, tapered bore bearing the degree of interference is not by the selected axis tolerance coordination decision, but by a bearing in the axis of the cone neck and sleeve or back unloading sleeve from the decision in advance.

Install self aligning ball bearings, ring roller bearing, spherical roller bearings and tapered bore high precision cylindrical roller bearings when to determined that radial internal clearance value decreases or cone on the base of the axial propulsive distance as a measure of the amount of interference scale. The value of axial clearance reduction and advancing distance guidance values are as follows:

1, small bearings

Small INA imported bearings can use the nut, it will advance to the conical base. In the case of the sleeve, the sleeve nut is used. Small withdrawal sleeve can be pushed into the bearing hole with nut. Screw nut with hook or pneumatic wrench. Before starting the installation, should be a little oil on the surface of the shaft neck and sleeve.

2, large and medium-sized bearings

The installation force required for large bearings increased significantly, and should use the hydraulic nut and / or by filling method:

(1) when using hydraulic nut mounting bearings must be its location is in the thread of the shaft neck of the threaded part or a sleeve, the annular piston abuts the bearing inner ring and shaft nut or mounted on the shaft end retainer. By using the oil pump, the hydraulic nut is pressed into the hydraulic nut, and the force required for the safe and accurate installation is moved in the axial direction. The use of hydraulic nut, the spherical roller bearings installed to

(2) using the method of fuel injection, oil under high pressure is injected between the bearing and shaft neck, form a layer of oil film. This layer of oil film will be separated from the surface, which significantly reduces the friction between the mating surfaces. In direct bearings are mounted to on the neck of the axis of the cone, the general adoption of this method, but also used in specially prepared for the lubrication of tight set set and shirk set on the installation of the bearing. Pump or injector to produce the necessary pressure, through a shaft or a sleeve groove and oil channel, oil is injected between the mating surfaces. When designing INA inlet bearing arrangement, it is necessary to consider the necessary grooves and channels on the shaft. The spherical roller bearing is arranged on the back discharge sleeve of the oil groove, and the oil is injected into the matching surface, and then the screw is tightened, and the back relief sleeve is pressed into the bearing hole.

INA imported bearings installed the best use of hydraulic tools, but most of the master is to knock into the hammer, so inevitably impact on the bearing. The following is the bearing of the installation and replacement of technical matters needing attention:

(1) application of force together as much as possible through the axis of the bearing, which requires the application of uniform point symmetric and smooth, the spherical or parallel to the axis force is applied.

(2) application of force should be smooth and uniform, not a shock, which requires the use of oil or to impose a tool for smooth tension or pressure, would certainly have a hammer, also want to through the copper sleeve soft and do not fall metal scraps to be buffered, strike force as gently as possible. It is best to use copper or copper hammer.

(3) to avoid rolling through the body force, which requires the assembly and disassembly of the inner ring (shaft ring) when the inner force through the inner ring, when the outer ring to install through the outer force.

(4) drag force to continue to the extent due, for example, in the installation of the bearing to the INA Bearing imports just installed at the correct position stop force application, the promise ring (washer) face arrives on a hole or shaft retaining shoulder face, neither packed tightly, they can not be installed in place.