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How to select FAG imported bearings and fit the requirements

1, bearing model choice: bearing model is generally by the user's technical personnel in accordance with the supporting products and the use of the load bearing load on the FAG imports of bearings to choose. Business personnel are mainly about user's actual load whether with the selected bearing consistent, if the bearing is not up to the requirements, should advise the customer as soon as possible the election model, but unless special products in the choice of models generally do not have any questions.

The choice of 2, bearing clearance: user to buy Bearings generally only inform on what type, grade, rarely claim on the bearing clearance, the business people must ask clear bearing conditions of use, the running speed of the bearing, temperature, combined with tolerance are directly related to the choice of imports fag bearing clearance. General in the 3500 turn / points below the speed of the motor is used mostly cm clearance, such as high temperature and high speed motor requires a relatively large clearance. Bearing clearance after the assembly will because the inner hole of the swollen and round narrow and lead to a reduction, the clearance of reduce weight = over surplus quantity x 60% (the bearing chamber is aluminum, with the exception of). Such as bearing clearance before assembly is 0.01mm, assembly interference of 0.01mm, the clearance of 0.004mm bearing assembly. On the theory of bearing in the zero clearance noise and life to reach the best state, but in actual operation, taking into account issues such as temperature rise, bearing assembly clearance is 0.002mm-0.004mm better.

3, the choice of fat: Grease selection is generally based on the speed of the bearing, temperature, noise requirements and the starting torque and other aspects of choice, require the business staff to understand the performance of a variety of oils and fats.

4, the choice of bearing seal type: FAG imported bearings can be divided into lubricating oil and grease lubrication. Oil lubricated bearings are generally used in the form of bearings, grease lubricated bearings are generally used to seal the seal cover or rubber seal. Dust cap applicable to high temperature or use the site, a contact seal and non contact type seal seal, contact type sealing dustproof performance is good but the torque is large, non-contact sealing the starting torque is small, but the sealing performance no contact.

Selection of fit

The inner diameter and outer diameter of the rolling bearing are manufactured according to the standard tolerance, the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft, the matching tightness of the outer ring and the seat can only be realized by controlling the tolerance of the shaft neck and the tolerance of the seat hole. With the bearing inner ring and shaft using the base hole, with the outer ring of the bearing seat hole by shaft system.

The correct choice of fit, we must know the actual loading conditions of FAG imported bearings, working temperature and other requirements, but in fact it is very difficult. As a result, most of the cases are selected according to the use of precision.

Load size

Between the ring and the shaft or shell won the amount depending on the size of the load, the heavier load the larger won the amount, lighter load with a smaller win.