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SKF import bearings are installed to measure the radial clearance

SKF import bearing installation is correct, affecting the accuracy, life, performance. Therefore, the design and assembly of the installation of the bearing to be fully studied. Want to be installed in accordance with the work standards. Operating standards are usually as follows:

(1) cleaning bearings and bearing related parts

(2) check the dimensions of the related parts and finish machining

(3) installation

(4) after the installation of a good bearing check

(5) supply of lubricant

Hope that before the upcoming installation, just open the bearing packaging. General grease lubrication, non cleaning, direct filling grease. Lubricating oil lubrication, the general does not have to clean, but the instrument or high-speed use SKF imported bearings, etc., to clean the oil, remove the rust coating on the bearing. Remove rust agent bearing, easy to rust, so you can not put aside. Furthermore, have grease sealed bearings, not directly use cleaning.

Bearing installation method, due to bearing structure, coordination, conditions vary, in general, due to the multi axis rotation, so the inner ring needs to be too tight fit. Cylindrical bore bearing, press in with the press, or with hot charging method. Tapered bore, directly installed in the taper shaft, or sleeve installation.

Mounted to the casing, general clearance, the outer ring over the amount of interference, usually by a press indentation, or cooling after installation methods of shrink fit. Using dry ice as a cooling agent, shrink fit occasion, surface moisture in the air condenses on the SKF imported bearings. Therefore, the need for appropriate anti rust measures.

In some specific temperature environment equipment often requires resistance to high temperature, large clearance of bearing, but the user how to measure the SKF imports bearing radial clearance it? Here is a brief introduction:

(1) the measurement process, should ensure that the ball fell into the ditch; closed type bearings in closed before the measurement; the Dutch instrument measured value by subtracting the load caused by the increase in clearance volume.

(2) for multi row bearing, each column requires qualified clearance, the clearance column of the arithmetic mean as the radial clearance of bearings.

(3) as far as possible the use of special equipment measurement;

(4) using the hand push method to measure the requirements of the measurement of the higher measurement skills. This method of measurement error is large, especially when clearance at the edge of the state, prone to error, then, should be subject to measurement instruments.

(5) feeler, shall operate according to the provisions of the standard, shall not be used on the rolling roller from the past method of measuring feeler.