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TIMKEN bearing selection and selection method

Improper selection of the Timken bearing, a large part of the reason is when a large axial load without the use of thrust bearing or can bear larger diameter, the axial union   load bearing structure, only use no retainer cylindrical roller bearing is not appropriate. Bearing lubrication is the direct cause of bearing damage, analysis of the current status of damaged bearings. The bearing in the cumulative work 3000 hours later, the bearing rolling working surface no fatigue damage, bearings only appear scratch, according to the radial load calculation of bearing fatigue life is very long.

According to the observation of bearing fracture material microstructure without the occurrence of coarse grain fracture phenomenon, silver gray, is brittle fracture. Bearing inner raceway no obvious wear and adhesive materials burn phenomenon, bearing but the inner ring rib on the side of the side of the found obvious abrasion and scratch phenomenon, more important reason is on both sides of the inner ring rib side of the main crack, Timken bearing were found visible cracking and some of the regional material blue hair, bearing and inner ring rib side without exception.

First, bearing size limit.

Usually TIMKEN bearings can be installed in the space is limited. In most cases, the diameter of the shaft (or the diameter of the bearing) is limited by the mechanical design or other design. So the choice of bearing type and size is determined according to the diameter of the bearing. As a result, the main dimensions of the standard bearings are made according to the diameter of the international standard.

Second, bearing the classification.

According to the classification of bearings, the industry will be used to analyze the bearing, the key issue is to be based on the actual situation of the company's stock, to determine the focus of the industry.

1 bearing installation: the installation of bearings must be carried out in a dry, clean environment. Before installation, carefully check the mating surface of the shaft and the housing, the end face of the convex shoulder, the machining quality of the groove and the connecting surface.

TIMKEN bearing is relative to the domestic bearing. Bearing not only represents a strong brand support, advanced scientific concepts and innovation, perfect after-sales service, strong product extension.

Generally with high-speed operation, high accuracy of the equipment are required to use TIMKEN bearings, as to ensure the normal speed and high accuracy and reduce maintenance costs.